What comes back

During this lifelong journey we loose a few things which mattered the most; a friend, a special person, or something very close to our heart. 

You’ve let it go, made peace with loosing it. But what if it finds its way back? Does it really come back the way it was? It means the same like it used to before? 

Nothing can ever be the way it was. We’ve gotten used to living without it. Just be glad that it found its way back to you because very rarely anyone gets a second chance to experience that nostalgic warmth again.



It’s one of those days when you wish it rains. Just to wash away the memories that you feel overwhelmed with. The memories that have sculpted you into what you are today. 

You don’t regret anything that happened, neither the choices you made so far. You just want to let go of the baggage of those memories for a while so you can walk again.

Wish it rains today!

Fight with everything you’ve got

In response to the Daily Prompt – Healthy

Healthy is a word which can sting a person sometimes when they have been struggling with multiple health issues for a long time. But is it only physical health that worries us in our current day-to-day stressful lives? Having something that fuels your desire to push through all your issues and gives you some peace of mind during this never ending race is a life worth living. Continue reading “Fight with everything you’ve got”