Fight with everything you’ve got

In response to the Daily Prompt – Healthy

Healthy is a word which can sting a person sometimes when they have been struggling with multiple health issues for a long time. But is it only physical health that worries us in our current day-to-day stressful lives? Having something that fuels your desire to push through all your issues and gives you some peace of mind during this never ending race is a life worth living.

We are constantly competing to win a race with not only the world but ourselves as well. So much to achieve & so little time to do it!!! (I say this as I’m a workaholic & a diabetic 🙂 Believe me when I say that neither of them is easy to manage or juggle both for that matter 😀 )

My definition of “healthy” is the feeling of being content with yourself that can keep your status quo balanced irrespective of your physical health situations.

I hope you agree with me 🙂


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